NSCC-GZ Introduction.

As the host site of Tianhe-2 Supercomputer system, National Supercomputer Center in Guangzhou (NSCC-GZ), located in China's third biggest city, is a major infrastructure for accelerating scientific research and technological innovations. Jointly constructed by the Provincial Government of Guangdong, the Municipal Government of Guangzhou, the National University of Defense Technology and Sun Yat-sen University, NSCC-GZ aims at converging HPC and big data to facilitate cutting-edge scientific and technological research, and to support the implementation of China’s national development strategies as well as the innovation-based economic and societal development of local areas.

With the extraordinary computational power of Tianhe-2, through working together with the top-tier universities, research institutes and companies in China and abroad, we strive to construct a platform for multi-disciplinary science and technological research, inter- disciplinary education, and international collaboration. NSCC-GZ was ranked among the top five in the "Dominant Sites" list and is the only supercomputing center in China to enter the list.

The Tianhe-2 supercomputer system is a landmark achievement of the National 863 Program. Capable of a peak performance of 100.7Pflops. The peak performance, sustained performance and the level of comprehensive technology of Tianhe-2 are all in the lead, which reveals a significant progress in China's supercomputer technology development.